The link between school and home is a very important one. At Four Acres Academy we believe in a learning partnership between parents and teachers. Learning does not start at the school gate but continues at all times. By setting homework we want children to share their learning with adults at home.

At Four Acres we aim to develop, in every child, a love of reading. It is expected that children will read or share a book with a family member every day. We don’t see this as homework but more of a special and fun experience that children engage in at home, from nursery to year 6. Children read regularly at school with a variety of adults, both fiction and non-fiction books. Children’s learning is greatly enhanced by being great readers and it all starts at home having fun sharing and talking about books. PLEASE don’t stop listening, sharing and talking about books with your child just because they can read! We have a fantastic library where your child can choose books to enjoy at home, please encourage them to use it. Please also indicate that you have shared a book with your child in their reading record book. You can do this by writing the title of the book, date and possibly add a comment. Your child really appreciates your interest in their reading.

At Four Acres homework is set weekly. (See class pages for days set and days expected for homework to be handed in.) Most teachers set a maths and English activity every week, some include a topic related activity either as extra or in place of another subject. Homework should reflect activities that have been or will be happening in class during the week. Some activities may require access to online activities e.g. Abacus Maths. If your child does not have access to the internet they can choose to complete these activities in school.

Possible homework activities;

  • Topic related research
  • Maths games
  • Maths activities linked to class work, number facts, calculations etc
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation and grammar activities
  • Posters
  • Models

Most classes give homework on paper and teachers are happy for you to support your child to complete some activities. Some homework activities are slightly different in light of the child’s ability or confidence. Teachers are always happy to discuss any homework issues you have. If resources or access to the internet are an issue please see the class teacher so adjustments/arrangements can be made. Enjoy helping your child succeed.

“Learning today for life tomorrow”.

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