Core Skills: Rufus

Personal, Social and Health Education

At Four Acres Academy we have and are further developing a curriculum that addresses the social and emotional aspects of learning that affect pupils’ ability to learn but is proactive in developing personal learning skills. Our curriculum is developing to cover this wide range of skills and is taught in depth and areas are visited annually in a structured and intentional spiral curriculum, building a cumulative set of skills over time.  Running through our curriculum are key learning strands linked to our mascot Rufus the Resilient Rhino;

Learning with others

Pupils consider how to work as part of a team, being a good member of a social group and what it means to be a good friend.

Developing Independence and responsibility

This is an area where pupils explore how they can develop their independence and be responsible for their own learning and actions. This may often include self- care activities such as dressing, washing etc.

Improving own learning and performance

Pupils are encouraged to reflect upon their work and set themselves goals, developing strategies to help themselves when “stuck” etc.

Developing sense of self- worth and understanding of self and others

This area discusses making choices and reflecting upon possible consequences. It highlights self- awareness and taking into account the emotions of others. Conflict resolution, bullying and equalities may also be studied within this unit. However, this may permeate through many discussions through the year through various topics.

Thinkings Skills

Pupils are encouraged to develop their thinking skills across a range of aspects. The work is based around De Bono’s six thinking hats of and includes tasks linked to;

  • Information processing and evaluation
  • Reasoning and enquiry
  • Creative thinking and problem solving

Speaking and listening

This area focuses particularly upon confident speaking and attentive, active listening. To develop a knowledge of how speech is altered depending upon circumstance and audience. That listening skills include attention to a variety of speakers and respect is shown even where the speaker is unclear.

 These personal competencies and learning skills are complemented by activities from other areas;

  • relationship and sex education lesson
  • RE activities  
  • SEAL resources
  • Road safety activities
  • Life skills activities (the create centre)
  • Themed weeks  e.g. anti-bullying week, world week
  • Conflict resolution/mediation
  • Assemblies
  • Linked curriculum e.g. staying safe, self- care, healthy eating etc.

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