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Our breakfast club is open from 8.15 until the start of school and is currently free of charge. 

Children are offered a breakfast of wholegrain cereals, toast, crumpets yoghurts, fresh fruit and a selection of drinks including milk and fruit juice.  Children have access to a variety of activities and have the opportunity to play, socialise and read alone or to an adult.  They are encouraged to take an active part in the club – making their own breakfast selection and helping with the clearing away.  While sitting together to eat, the children can engage in conversation, learn to share and to cooperate which is an important way of promoting social and emotional wellbeing at school.

Research has been carried out by a number of organisations which demonstrates that eating a wholesome healthy breakfast and school dinner can lead to:

  • Happier children
  • Better health
  • Better achievement and behaviour
  • Better diet overall

Children’s Food Trust research reported “Average KS2 results were statistically significantly higher by 0.72 points in the year after the introduction of a breakfast club in 13 primary schools…”

Further information can be found on the Children’s Food Trust website:

This service is offered to provide children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, have a positive start to the beginning of their school day and once in class, to be ready to engage with their learning which will, therefore, help to improve attendance, punctuality, attainment, health and nutrition.

There is currently no charge for this service.  Children can be offered a place particularly if there is a need or issues regarding school attendance and/or punctuality.  If a parent requires a place at breakfast club for their child, they will need to make contact with the breakfast club leader, Miss Z McLean via the school office.  Presently there are no vacancies, but please place your child on the waiting list as we are currently looking for more resources to be able to offer more places.  


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