Class Teacher : Mrs Frohlich

Thursday : Mrs Griese

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Jones

Class Information:

We are a mixed year 1 and 2 class with 28 children.  Each week our learning consists of reading, writing, maths and topic. Alongside this R.E, P.E and computing make up the weekly curriculum. P.E (Curriculum Map) takes place twice a week on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  Pupils are expected to bring in appropriate P.E kit on a Monday, which should include a t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers or daps.

Homework will be given out weekly, usually on a Friday, which will include reading to an adult, spellings  and number facts to learn at home, as well as a writing and maths activity linked to class learning. Homework should be returned by Thursday so that it can be marked. 

Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework. If you have any questions please ask Mrs Frohlich or Mrs Jones.

Term 1: "Hello, I'm New Here.'

The subject focus for this topic is geography and science. (Hello, I'm new here) Children will be introduced to the topic by exploring places within school that they have never been before.  They will investigate and map their local area before comparing it to the country Brazil.  They will also meet Senora Cunha and learn some Portuguese. In science we plant some seeds indoors and observe the changes.  The children will record the changes and talk about what they observe using scientific language.

Term 2: "Why do we play with different toys as we grow older?"

This history and science topic begins with a creative start that invites the children to bring in a toy from home to explain why they like playing with it.  We then share our personal timelines, from birth until now and discuss the changes to our bodies as we grow up (SRE).  Later in the term we shall have a special visitor to share the toys they used to play with.  We also hope to visit Blaise Castle and explore the many toys on display within their museum.

w/b 7th November 2016: SENSES Science Day If I can't see it, I don't know what it is. Using an enquiry based approach to science the children will discover if this is true and when other senses may be important.  Parents will then be invited to share our learning on Tues/Weds 22/23 November 2016. Come and join us... use your own senses to guess the mystery cake ingredient.

PARENTS MEETING (Year 1) - Tuesday, 15th November 2016 2:30pm. Please come along and find out how you can help youir child with thier reading (including phonics) and writing.

Term 3: What can we learn about the world from stories

We start this term with a Chinese Day across Key Stage One (Phase 2).  Throughout the topic we will be sharing stories from around the world; learning about that country and finding them on a world map.  Our main focus will be designing and making shadow puppets to bring to life the dragon dance story from China - using our scientific undestanding to help us choose suitable materials.  We will end with an amazing dance performance - which the children will have helped to choreograph themselves. 

 Term 4: Where can we go for a great day out?

This term will finish on a high with the children planning their very on "Great Day Out". Throughout this history and geography topic the children will learn about famous people from the past (including Brunel and Thomas Cook) who have made it possible for people to travel easily and visit exciting places for a "Great Day Out". They will also study the Great Exhibitiion of 1851 and develop their understanding of how we know about the past. Additionally, following on from the story "Mr Gumpy's outing", year 1 and 2 will learn about rivers and where they start and finish focusing on our local river, the Avon. 

As well as researching and planning a trip for a great day out, the children will also be working on their projects for the Art Show. After studying the work of the local street artist Banksy, KS1 are going to be working with two local artists called the Paintsmiths on creating murals which will be displayed in the dining hall. Each pupil will also create their very own stencil and spray paint art to tag! 

Term 5: Starry Night  

This term the children will be focusing on music and art. We will dive into our topic by creating "A starry night" in the hall, learning about what stars are made of and listening to the sounds of the stars. The children will also be listening to and learning a variety of songs about stars such as "Reach" , "Starry, Starry Night" and "Catch a falling star" as well as exploring how to use instruments to create a short sequence that represents "A Starry Night" to them. 

Throughout our topic we will be focusing on the work of Vincent Van Gough and closely studying his painting "Starry Night". The children will be sketching their own line drawings of this artwork before creating their very own Starry Night painting. Within this topic the children will explore colour pallets, textures and brush strokes and work on techniques needed to produce their Starry Night painting.  

Term 5 Important Dates:

May 2017: Year 2 pupils as they will undertake statutory assessment tests.

w/b 12 June 2017: Year 1 pupils will complete their phonics screening tests


Term 6: Why is Water Precious?

In term 6 we will be learning about water and why it is so important. In our science focused topic we will be growing plants and recording their changes in a diary. We will also be finding out how the environment affects plants and animals as well as exploring ways that we can look after our world.

In writing this term we will be learning stories from the author Julia Donaldson and writing book reviews to discuss our most and least favourite texts.

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