Class Teacher : Miss Edwards

Teaching Assistant : Miss Helley and Mrs McCormack


Class Information:

We are a foundation stage 2 class with 23 children.  Each week our learning consists of both adult led and child led learning which covers the 7 areas of learning from the EYFS curriculum.  Homework will be given out every Friday, this will include a short activity to carry out alongside an adult.Homework is to be returned the following Monday. We will also send home reading books and key words; we encourage you to read and share keywords with your child for 10 minutes every day. If you read with your child please sign their reading record.

For a complete overview of the school curriculum click here.

For a copy of the Medium Term plan for Terms 1 and 2, please click here.


Term 1: Who am I? Where is the Story Bear?

This term we will be learning about ourselves and our bodies and how we have changed. We will also be looking at bears and reading some of our favourite stories that inlcude bears. We are also hoping to hold a Teddy Bear's picnic.

Term 2: What is your Superpower?

The focus for this topic will be superheroes. We will be looking at different superpowers and linking this to Science. We will be designing our own capes and creating superheroe jet packs.

Term 3: What can make us healthy?

We wil be exploring healthy foods and ways of living e.g. sleep patterns and excercise. We will be making and tasting healthy snacks as well as discusing where food comes from.

Term 4: Where is the magic train going to stop next?

This topic will be focused around The Magic Train Ride video, each week there will be a different stop to learn and explore including the jungle, fairy land and the magic woods.

Term 5: What's in our garden?

We will be taking our learning outside to explore habitats, mini beasts and the world around us.

Term 6: Footprints in the sand...Shall we go to the beach?

We will be learning about the beach and looking at changes in the weather linked to seasons. We will focus on sun safety and exploring pirates.

We ask that you have paid your £5 for cooking this year- we wil be cooking at least once a term.

Please can every child have a pair of wellies in school for use on the grass/field during wet weather.

We use Tapestry to evidene your child's learning; Please ask about signing up if you have not yet done so.

We are now using Class Dojo to reward behaviour and as a communication tool - please ask about signing up if you have not yet done so. 





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