Curriculum information for 2018-19

This document shows the curriculum coverage for the whole year: School Curriculum Map KS1.docx

This document details specific subject coverage for the first term: Autumn 1 plan 2018.docx 


Class Teacher : Mrs Filer (Mon-Tue) Miss Cooper (Wed-Fri)

Teaching Assistant : Miss Winstone



Class Information:


We are a year 1/2 class with 29 children.  Each week our learning consists of reading, writing, maths and topic. Alongside this R.E, P.E and computing make up the weekly curriculum. P.E takes place twice a week on either a Monday or Friday.  Pupils are expected to bring in appropriate P.E kit on a Monday, which should include a t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers or daps.


Homework will be given out weekly on a Friday which will include reading to an adult, a maths and literacy based activity as well as a larger project which can be completed over the duration of a term. Children do not have to complete all of these activities everyweek but instead have the option to choose something which sparks their own interest (however if a child wants to complete more than one activity this is certainly encouraged!) Homework should be returned by Thursday so that it can be marked. 


Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework. If you have any questions please ask Mrs Frohlich, Mrs Collicott or Miss Winters. Additionally, please ensure you are signed up to Class Dojo to ensure you are receiving class and school updates. This is also an effective way to contact your child's class teacher.




Term 1:  Hello, I'm New Here!


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The subject focus for this topic is geography and science. The children will be introduced to this topic by discovering a lost alien within the school grounds. The children will complete map work this term consisting firstly of the school grounds before looking further afield to the country of Brazil. Whilst exploring and mapping the school grounds, the children will also be finding and identifying plants near our school. 


In literacy, children have been put into groups which challenge and support their learning in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Children may have a different teacher for this portion of the day. Groups will be rotated termly therefore children will likely be taught by all teachers at some point during the year.


In maths this term, we will start by focussing on number and place value, before moving onto addition and subtraction. Measuring will also feature this term as the children record their heights at the start of year 1 or 2.


Term 2:  Why do we play with different toys as we get older?

The focus for this term's topic is history and science. This topic will be introduced by having a 'wow' afternoon where the children will be able to bring in and share their favourite toy with the class. In science, the children will be exploring the senses through planning and taking part in an investigation to find out how the impotance of senses. 

In literacy the children will continue to be taught in groups to support their reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills. The children will be taught by a different teacher from last term. 

In maths we will begin by naming and describing the properities of 2d and 3d shapes. We will be learning about symmetry and how to find lines of symmetry in shapes and images. We will be moving on to place value, addition and subtraction. To finish the term we will be learning about measurement.


This document details specific subject coverage for the second term: Autumn 2 plan 2018.docx


Term 3: What can we learn about our world from stories? 

With all of the Christmas plays, crafts and stories now completed, we are very excited about moving into our first Spring term. We welcome Miss Collins and Miss Jackson into Rabbit and Fox class and your children may be taught by one of these now for English. Our topic is about stories and has a science focus where we will be testing absorbency and building shelters amongst other things. The children will be making gingerbread in DT and creating a dance in PE, so there's lots to look forward to. 

In maths we will predominantly be building on the children's methods and stratgeies using the four operations (+ - x and ÷) so help at home, incluidng homework would be beneficial. Children who are unsure of their number bonds to 10 and 20 and those finding phonics difficult to grasp may be put into an intervention group this term to help them catch up.  Year 2s will be starting to learn their 2x, 5x and 10x table soon.  During term 3 and term 4 all KS1 classes are lucky enough to be taught by the road safety and speed awareness group who will be teaching all  class for 5 sessions. Some of this will be out by the road and some will be in class. All instructors are DBS checked and hopefully you will see some photos on dojo. 

This document details specific subject coverage for the third term: Spring 1 2019 plan.docx


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