Curriculum information for 2018-19

This document shows the curriculum coverage for the whole year: School Curriculum Map KS1.docx

This document details specific subject coverage for the first term: Autumn 1 plan 2018.docx 



Class Teacher : Miss Parker

(Thursday pm : Mrs.Jones)

Teaching Assistant : Mrs.Jones

Class Information:

We are a year 2 class with 29 children.  Each week our learning consists of reading, writing, maths and topic. Alongside this R.E, P.E and computing make up the weekly curriculum.  Homework will be given out weekly, usually a Friday, which will include reading to an adult, spellings, maths or writing and any relevant topic activities that may support learning. P.E (curriculum map) take place on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Pupils are expected to have appropriate P.E kit which should include a t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers or daps. (We advise that PE kits are left in school.)

Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework.


For the Key Stage One Term 1 and 2 curriculum map: Curriculum map 17-18.pdf


For the Key Stage 1 yearly plan Curriculum map 17-18longterm.docx


Term 1:  What is the best way for Mrs.Armitage to travel.pdf 

The subject focus for this topic is science and DT. The children will be introduced to the topic by bringing their wheels to school.  They will investigate different materials before designing, making and testing a new vehicle for Mrs.Armitage.  To achieve this they will be taught how to use a variety of different tools alongside learning how to overcome problems.  We hope that by writing our own set of instructions on 'How to make a moving vehicle' will help us here.


  We will also be taking inspiration from The Way Back home and writing our own journey tale.



In maths this term, will start the term focussing on number and place value, before moving onto addition and subtraction. Measuring will also form an important part of making a vehicle for Mrs.Armitage.

Term 2- Can party food be healthy?

This term we will be looking at a range of party food and combining this with learning about a healthy lifestyle. Our literacy explanation text will link here nicely- 'how to keep healthy'. This term we will also look at the traditional tale 'Cinderella' where the children will explore the characters, describe them and innovate the story to create their own. This term's P.E topic is dance and the children will have a chance to learn some ballroom moves, hopefully with a few performing in the Christmas production on -


Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 2:00pm and 

Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 10:00am. 

In maths this term we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes linked to food and packaging, comparing measures of food and drink and solving number problems with a food and drink theme. We will of course end the term with some Christmas activities and look forward to seeing you at the Christmas fayre on Thursday 7th December 2017.

Autumn 2 plan 2017.docx

 Term 3 What makes us like animals?

During term 3 we will be looking at the topic- 'What makes us like animals?' We will begin the topic by going out into the school field looking for objects which are living, have never lived and have once lived. Children will be making observational drawings of what they have found and sorting what they have found into branching databases. They will be sorting animals into groups by comparing their characteristics before learning about different habitats and what is essential for animals to survive. The topic is science-based topic. 

We are now combining phonics, grammar, spelling, literacy and handwriting into 'English' lessons. This is following recent training in a ReadWriteInc programme and we hope to see good progress as the year continues. 

Topics in maths include a good chunk of learning about multiplication and division, data handling (reading and interpreting graphs) and learning about time. Children always find time difficult so any practising o'clock, half past the hour and other times at home would be great. . Year 2s should be able to recite their 2s, 5s and 10x tables by the end of the year. 

Watch out for 'Enterprise Day' on February 2nd where each class gets given £20 to buy goods to design and make for a Valentines theme event 'One love'. These will be on sale in the afternoon. The class who make the most profit wins a prize. Watch out Lord Sugar! Last year was a very successful event, so come along....

Remember there is an INSET day on February 9th as teachers will be writing their school reports that day ready to be checked and given out in term 4.

Spring 1 plan 2018.docx

Term 4: How do the bong trees grow?

The new English lessons are going very well, with all children being suitably supported and challenged, working with children of similar ability. The children will be reassessed and again matched into groups, so your child may be taught by a different teacher for their English lessons.  

Year 2s in maths will be applying what they already know about place value to solve problems in this field which includes identifying tens and ones, counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s, ordering, comparing and representing numbers with objects. The year 2s will also be looking at SATs questions to prepare them for the KS1 tests in May. Children historically do well in lessons and we will now be preparing them for test conditions. There's nothing to panic about, the spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) and maths tests can be read to them and writing we assess from their books. 

Our topic links to 'The Owl and the Pussycat' poem if you were wondering where you'd heard 'bong tree' before. There will be lots of chances to be creative this term as we host the Art Show this March. This will include art activities linked to owls and cats as well as the themed Art show which is about Quentin Blake. More details to follow. 

For a full list of topic areas such as P.E, computing, R.E and core skills see the attached mid term plan. Spring 2 plan 2018.docx

* World Book Day is on Thursday March 1st, our theme in Key Stage 1 is 'Winnie the Witch' (which is great as many Halloween costumes can be dug out of the loft here!)

* Rocktapuss will be performing in assembly for all to hear on Friday 9th March. 

* Parents Evening will be Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th March from 3:30-6:00. Watch out for slots to be made available the week before outside of classrooms. 

On behalf of Key Stage 1, we would like to thank all of the children and parents who made such beautiful, diverse and creative habitats. These were displayed at the fireworks night in the hall and looked absolutley fabulous. So many comments were made by older and younger children, it was heart-warming. 

* One last thing- children without P.E kits are not permitted, under school policy, to take part in sessions, so please have a kit in school at all times. 

Term 5 Important Dates:

Well, we we have two 7 week terms ahead of us, perfect for lots of learning. The children have all been reassessed for their English/phonics and the results are fantastic! You may find your child being taught by a different teacher, but rest assured they are with children of the same ability. Each group will carry on with reading, phonics, grammar, tricky words, comprehension, punctuation and constructing sentences. 

In maths, children will be completing a whole range of activities including solving problems uisng multiplication and division as well as with money and a variety of measures. They will revisit time, fractions, properties of shapes and using mathematical language to describe movement. We will also be revising all of the topics that we have covered so far ready for their SATs sometime in May. Practising using the four operations (x + - /), paying with money, measuring objects, reading TV guides and chanting tables can help your child at home. 

Our topic this term is 'Pride in Place' which has a history and geography focus. Children will be learning all about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys. they will be using Google Earth to view Bristol and investigating our local area- Withywood. We will hopefully get time to make some buildings reminiscent of London in the time of the great fire. 

For a full list of topic areas such as P.E, computing, R.E and core skills see the attached mid term plan. Summer 1 plan 2018.docx

 * May 2018: Year 2 pupils will undertake statutory assessment tests.

* Bank holiday, no school on Monday 7th May

* Outdoor classroom day 18th May

* Walk to school week beginning 21st May

 Homework goes out on Friday and PE kits should be in every day, thankyou. 

w/b 11 June 2018: Year 1 pupils will complete their phonics screening tests

Term 6: How did families have fun in the past?

Wow, it's the run up to the summer holidays, this year has gone by quickly! The SATs are completed and the phonics screening will soon be completed too. This term the last of the assessments will also be finished with this information (including reading levels and maths accomplishments) passed to the following teacher - though some children in year 1 may remain with their current teacher.  Carry on reading at home and counting in steps of 2, 5, 10 and 3. Year 2s should be reciting these number facts as times tables practise.  Looking back to their books at tthe start of the year, we can really see the huge progress they've made. 

The topic for this term is how families had fun in the past. The children will be comparing experiences they've had at the seaside with other children and adults to see what has changed and what has remained the same. They will be constructing a timeline and looking at Brunel's passenger train. The children willl remain in their Read Write Inc groups for the year following the programme in fiction, non-fiction, spelling, grammar and punctuation. The last 7 weeks of maths is all about consolidating the year. The weeks will comprise of revisiting the four number operations, position, measures and securing number facts like double and halves. As Sports Day is nearing, PE will be addressing athetics and there will be lots of chances to practise all the skills needed for a successful Sports Day. Remember kits must be worn each week. 

Full coverage of this term can be found here: Summer 2 2017-18.docx

Important dates: 

* Week beginning 11th June - phonics screening test

* 14th June-  summer fayre (thank you for all of the donations of bottlea, all aprpreciated) 

* 26th and 28th June - transition days from 9:30-10:30 am (children taught by next year's teacher) 

* 2nd July - INSET day, no school for all pupils

* 12th July - Parent drop in session after school 

* 24th July - leaver's performance and LAST DAY! 

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