Class Teacher : Mrs Taylor-Evans

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Whittle

Class Information:

We are a year 6 class with 30 children.

We love to grow and develop our brain power and learn new things. We have literacy, maths and reading daily as well as P.E and topic lessons spread across the week. We are all excited to share our new learning with you!

Things you need to know for this term:

Homework  - This will be given out weekly on a Friday, with the expectation that it is completed by the following Friday. This will always iclude a list of 8 spellings as well as an additional piece of work linked to our learning in class.

Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework.

P.E - This term we have Mr Meek teaching us gym every other Friday morning. All pupils are expected to bring in appropriate P.E kit which should include a plain white t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers or daps.

Swimming - We are lucky enough to begin the year with swimming lessons every Tuesday afternoon. All pupils are expected to bring their own swimming costume or trunks to school along with a towel.

For a complete overview of the school curriculum click here.

Upper Key Stage Two long term plan: UKS2 long term plan.pdf.


Term 1: 'What's Out There?'

Year 6 have an exciting term ahead of them exploring 'What's Out There?'

As a class, we have come up with some questions we want to find out about:

*How does The Water Cycle work?

*What are the phases of the sun/moon?

*How many planets are in our Solar System?

*What is gravity and how does it work?

*What is life like as an astronaut?

*Could anyone go to space?

*Do aliens really exist?

*How many stars are there?

Why not do some of your own research at home and bring it in to share with everyone?


Read our plans here: Autumn 1 plan 2016-2017.docx


Term 2: 'Has there been a better time to live here?'

In the run up to Christmas, we will be looking at what Bristol has to offer for its residents and visitors. This will include a range of exciting activities including:

  • writing a persuasive leaflet illuminating many of Bristol's tourist attractions
  • creating a fact file 
  • carrying out an interview with Pat Triggs, our Chair of Governors
  • drawing maps of Bristol
  • painting some of the city                  

Autumn 2 plan.2016-2017.docx

Mr Meek will be carrying on with the teaching of P.E, building on the childrens' skills of throwing and catching in invasion games. 

Year 6 have now completed their swimming sessions. 

*Christmas Production*

This year 'The Polar Express' has been chosen for our themed Carol Concert. It's a story about a young boy who boards a magical train, headed for the North Pole and Santa Claus. Tickets wil be on sale at the office nearer the time. Come along on the evening of Wednesday 12th December to enjoy some festive singing. We're hoping for a record number of children coming back on the night! 


Our topic is evolution this term, so prepare for your child to become inquisitive about what he/she looks like and which traits and characteristics they may have inherited from family genes. The children will be learning about Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution.  They will be looking at both humans and animals, so if you have any episdoes of 'Planet Earth' or something similar on the Discovery channel or anywhere else, then please watch these together. Any extra topic work or research in this area would be great to show in school and appreciated. There really are some truly incredible creatures out there, including us humans! Look out for our trip to Bristol Zoo on Wednesday 18th January, where Badgers will be joining Falcon class on a fantastically fun and educational day out. 

Mr Meek will now focus his P.E. sessions on dance where the children will be learning how to move with rhythm and re-enact animals in their habitats to link closely with our topic. Hopefully they will evolve to make progress in timing and body shape. 

The 'Lifeskills' centre will be visted on Friday 3rd February which is a great opportunity to learn life-saving information within a very special building. It's guaranteed  children will come home enthusiastically. 

Years 5 and 6 have a special 'Energy' assembly on Wednesday 25th January with some special visitors. They both then have a workshop in their class. 

Please note that Friday 20th of January and Friday 10th February are both INSET days and the children do not need to be in school. 


Term 4: Evolution continued

This term the children will carry on with the 'Evolution' topic. There will be many chances for them to be assessed in this crucial term in reading, maths, grammar and spelling. 

Parents Evenings will be held on Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March, so please book an appointment to find out how well your child is doing and what they need to do next to improve. 

It's 'Waste week' from the 6-11th March, so help the children learn about recycling and re-using energy at home too. 

Mr Meek will be allocated to the same Friday slots,though he wil be teaching all of the skills needed to play tennis like a pro! Hopefully we will be getting outside, weather permitting. 

The Four Acres 'Global Art Show' will be on Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of term (5th and 6th April). Please come along from 2:30-4:00pm on these days to see what the children have been getting up to. There will be a special focus on 3D work, so bring your cameras. 

Find the plans here: Spring 2 plan.pdf


Term 5: SATs revision and SATS

This term the children will be consolidating all of their learning ready for the SATs tests from 8th-11th May. They have worked extrememly hard in class and during after school club and soon they can relax a bit more. Please ensure they they are in school on time in the run up to SATS and especially on the days of the tests. The children, as usual at Four Acres, will be receiving a cooked breakfast from 8:15am each day they have a test. Any reading, writing, spelling, grammar or maths that they can do at home is appreciated. Early nights are recommended as well as playing outdoors during these times. At school, they will carry on their revision until the tests are over. After SATs the chidlren will get a chance to do some project work in this short term which will be chosen and directed by themselves. 

16th and 18th May- Class photos (school uniform only)

Friday 26th May- last day to pay the balance of camp


Term 6: Enterprise and British Values

This term, our class will be super busy!

 We will be spening our time focusing on British Values, what they mean and how we reflect them in our lives every day. We will also be linking our enterpise topic to our maths enterprise day by managing a budget and aiming to design and make a product to sell for profit - watch out Alan Sugar! As well as this, we have lots of exciting trips and theme days planned -  this term is always very busy with sports days, the summer fayre, rehearsals for the end of term play and the year 6 leavers assembly. 

Watch out for a Yeo Valley trip- see letters being sent home

Sustainable Energy week begins the 12th June. 

STOP Cyber-bullying day is the 16th June.

Key Stage 2 Sports Day will be held at 10am on 22nd June.

Enterprise day will be on the 3rd July

Stay posted for any additional dates to be added during the term.






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