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At Four Acres we have a very enthusiastic and lively School Council who meet once a month to discuss various topics. The Reps will ask their class for their opinions on the matter under discussion and bring those ideas to the meeting.

The School Council is an excellent opportunity for all pupils to have their voice heard. Our reps have to be good listeners, fair minded and be able to speak within a group to represent their own class. We have some lively debates!

The outcomes from meetings are fed back to the class via the Reps and are also put on the School Council Board positioned outside the Staff Room which all children pass daily.

November’s Topic is ‘Improving lunchtimes’ the results will be passed on to Miss Cameron who will consider the ideas.


Our School Council Representatives this year are:

Falcons: Jade Watkins/ Bailey O’Connor
Badgers: Chloe Watkins/ Jakub Kravec
Squirrels: Mitchell Moreton/ Jodie-Marie Rice
Hedgehogs: Jaiden Smith/ Kiera Stone
Foxes: Poppy Souch/ Dexter Vowles
Rabbits: Gracie Mai Money/ Alfie Pitcher 
Frogs: Lilly-Anna Tripp/ Liam Bidgood-Gittings

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