School Council

Listening to our pupils is very important to us at Four Acres Academy.

Our children have lots of opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas on different topics through our school council which meets termly.

Two members from each class across KS1 and KS2 are elected at the beginning of the academic year by their peers.

We have a School Council Notice Board in the main corridor that is updated after every meeting.

Suggestions from the previous council that have been implemented are the use of plates and trays at lunchtime, rather than the ‘airplane’ trays.

Our new school council for 2017/18 have been elected and are:

FROGS                    Max Lawson & Gracie-Mae Burrows

FOXES                     Bailey Harris & Emily Braithwaite

RABBITS                  Lexie Franklin & Colby Hoddinott

HEDGEHOGS          Kevin Prioteasa & Daisy Griffin-Hodge

OWLS                      Stevie Patch & Jake Hoddinott

SQUIRRELS             Arnie-Jacq Perrett & Amy Bincewska

BADGERS                Filip Florkowski & Lilly-Anna Tripp

FALCONS                Jack Bidgood-Gittings & Poppy Souch


Our first meeting will be held on Friday 15th September at 1.30pm.

The dates for the rest of the year are on the school council notice board located outside of the staff room.



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