Head Boy/Girl Voice

Head Boy and Head Girl

Once of the most prestigious accolades in year 6 is to be chosen to be Head Boy or Head Girl.

These are children who have shown consistent good behaviour, hard work, kindness and maturity throughout their time at school.

Head Boys and Girls represent the school and are ambassadors for the school.  They are role models who promote the ethos of Four Acres with regards to behaviour and the repsectful treatment of everyone in the school and beyond.

Role of Head Boy and Girl
*  Welcoming visitors into the school and, where required, giving tours.
*  Attend a Governors meeting (by invitation).
*  Give out certificates in Friday Achievers Assembly.
*  Plan and deliver own assembly twice a year.
*  Update attendance board weekly.
*  Be actively involved in initiatives such as Healthy Schols, developing outdoor area and library.
*  Engage with children on KS1 playground once a week.
*  Support in planning events (such as sports day).
*  Attend meeting with Headteacher once a term.
*  Any other duties deemed appropriate by Headteacher.

Our Head Boy is Hayden Keedwell.










Our Head Girl is Shania Patch.


Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Deputy Head Boy is Jack Bidgood-Gittings.

Out Deputy Head Girl is Poppy Souch.

Role of Deputy Head Boy and Girl
*  To stand in where required to perform duties of Head Boy and Girl.
*  To deliver an assembly once a year with Head Boy and Girl.
*  To be School Council reprsentatives in Year 6 and to lead School Council meetings.
*  Attend meeting with School Governors with Head Boy and Girl.



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