Vision & Values


Our vision is for Four Acres’ children and families to be confident, independent, lifelong learners. 


Our aims are to enable our children to:

  • develop their knowledge and skills, 
  • grow in resourcefulness and resilience
  • go forward able to learn and achieve
  • live happily in and contribute to our global society.

Six Core Values

Everything we do at Four Acres is underpinned by six core values; 

  1. Respect - for self and others as something to be given and earned; an important principle for a tolerant, equal, democratic society, in Four Acres and beyond.
  2. Aspiration – encouragement to aim high, to set personal goals, to be ambitious and not fear failure
  3. Opportunity – the right to equality of opportunity for all to learn, grow and achieve.
  4. Nurture – supporting all to grow and develop, recognizing and responding to individual needs.
  5. Resilience – developing strength and confidence in handling difficult, stressful, challenging experiences, large and small; encouraging optimism, creativity and problem-solving; managing emotions.
  6. Enjoyment – of being engaged in all sorts of learning, of working together, being creative, having fun; finding pleasure in trying and in overcoming difficulty

We have a commitment to these guiding principles in all aspects of Academy life:

  • the  learning activities of all kinds that we provide in and out of school;
  • our interactions with children at all times;
  • our relationships with parents and carers;
  • our support for the staff team.
  • our contribution to the wider community 

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