Little Acorn Trust


The Trust’s declared purpose is to improve and enhance the educational opportunities, experience and outcomes for children in the early years and primary phase of education.

 The Little Acorn MAT is made up exclusively of primary schools and children’s centres.
 The work of the Trust is driven by the distinctive needs of children and their families in the early years and primary phase of education.
 The Trust believes that each school has its own distinctive ethos and commits to preserving the unique characteristics of every school when they convert and join the Trust.
 All schools within the Trust are seen as willing partners who have actively chosen to join a Trust which aims to nurture a high degree of consensus and commitment within the group.
 All schools are considered equal partners in the enterprise. Working collaboratively for mutual benefit is key to the success of individual schools.

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Vision and Values of the Little Acorn Trust

The Little Acorn Trust, the governing body, aims to ensure that the academies and Children’s Centres which it is entrusted to manage:

  • provide the best possible education and support for all the children and their families
  • create  learning and working environments of the highest quality which enable children, staff and families to be safe and happy and to understand and realize their potential 
  • contribute positively to the wider community within which they work.

The core values of the Trust underpin all its actions and interactions.

  1. Respect – for the rights of others and for its own responsibilities; for democratic principles, for justice and the rule of law.
  2. Integrity – within the Trust and in its external dealings; working ethically, with professionalism, high standards and expectations.
  3. Equality – being committed to diversity and equal opportunities; being a fair employer supporting personal and professional development of all staff.
  4. Collaboration – working in collaboration to maximize opportunities and potential: with appropriate external agencies; with other schools to develop teaching and learning; with the local community in the interest of all children and their families.
  5. Commitment – to the Trust and the success and well-being of its academies; to promoting a positive working environment that celebrates dedication and commitment.

Governance of The Little Acorn Trust

The Little Acorn Trust which is a company limited by guarantee (No. 9207180) and has charitable status as an exempted charity, was established on 8th September 2014.  It is a Multi Academy Trust and is governed by the Articles of Association. The Directors meet a minimum of three times a year.  Four Acres Academy is the first of it's Academies.

Earlier in 2014 the Governors of Four Acres Primary School, after consulting with staff, parents and others in the community, made the decision to seek to convert the school to an Academy to enable it to apply for more funding streams to bring greater opportunities for our local children and their families. When the Department for Education agreed to this, Little Acorn Trust was set up with three Founder members, all previously Four Acres Governors.  As a company, the organisation can enter into Funding Agreements with the Department of Education to run and manage academies.   

The Little Acorn Trust currently comprises Four Acres Academy, Four Acres Children's Centre and Bishopsworth Children's Centre.

The Trust can be contacted via Four Acres Academy on tel. 01179030474 or our email address:


Pat Triggs, Jerry Woods, Dianne Evans, Adam Lane

Board of Directors

Pat Triggs (Chair), David Gascoigne (Vice Chair), Debra Bryant, Carys Evans, Matthew Cave, Kajetan Wandowicz.  Director profiles can be found here.

CURRENTLY SEEKING ADDITIONAL DIRECTORS with skills in Accountancy, Law and PR/marketing.  Further information can be found here.  Please apply through Academy Ambassadors: or contact Rachel Barfoot for an intitial discussion Tel. 0117 903 0474 

Details of the Director appointments and meetings attended can be found here.

We are members of the Governance Development Service which provide training and support for Directors.

Appointments of the Little Acorn Trust

Named Directors have been appointed to fullfill specific roles for the Academies of the Little Acorn Trust.  Appointments have been made according to the Director's areas of expertise and experience.  The Director appointments are as follows:

Finance and Pensions:  David Gascoigne (Who is also Assurance Officer)

Safeguarding: Debra Bryant

SEND: Pat Triggs

Accounting Officer:  

Other Board Appointments

Chief Executive Officer/ Assurance Officer

Chief Finance Officer/ Academy Business Manager - Rachel Barfoot

The Board of Directors also appoint the Local Governing Body for Four Acres Academy and the Management Committee for Four Acres and Bishopsworth Children's Centres who are as follows:

Local Governors for Four Acres Academy:  Steve Lewis (Health and Safety), Siobhan Walsh (Local Resident and Four Acres Children's Centre) and Bianca Rawsen(Merchants Academy)

Management Committee of Four Acres and Bishopsworth Children's Centres: Katy Ingram (Children's Centre Manager), Siobhan Walsh (Assistant Manager), Lindsay Warr (Assistant Manager), Annette Dixon (Assistant Manager) and Zoe Mclean (from 1 Jan 2018) (Safeguarding and Family Manager)

Clerk to the Directors and Company Secretary

Susan Burns

Audit and Finance Committee

An Audit and Finance sub-committee has been established by the Directors and comprises four Directors; David Gascoigne (Chair), Debra Bryant, Pat Triggs and Kajetan Wandowicz with Executive Head Teacher, Academy Business Manager, Rachel Barfoot (Chief Finance Officer) and Accounts Manager, Jane Millington in an advisory capacity.

Its role is to: monitor financial systems, policies and procedures; devise and monitor Key Performance Indicators; prepare and monitor budgets and the use of funding streams; monitor investments; manage financial risks; review and scrutinise the Management Accounts; identify  connected party issues; review, check details of and award contracts; monitor procurement processes and that value for money is being obtained; scrutinise and support the Head Teacher to deliver his role as Accounting Officer and Assurance Officer David Gascoigne to ensure that that the Academy is operating in accordance with the Funding Agreement, Academies Financial Handbook, Companies House and Charity Commission requirements.

Pecuniary Interests

The Members, Directors and other connected parties are required by the Department of Education to declare and publish relevant business and pecuniary interests.  The declared pecuniary interests are as follows:

Jeremy Woods - The Security Institute, British Institute of Facilities Management, ASIS Uk

David Gascoigne - MD of Trigon Pensions Ltd

Adam Lane - Right Now Services Ltd, 8 4 You Ltd, VIP 4 You Ltd, 8 4 U Card Services Ltd, HEDA Co Ltd, Brand 4 U Ltd, Brockley Ltd, CYBOU Ltd, Emeralds Zambia Ltd, Diamonds Ltd, TZF Management Ltd, TZUK Management Ltd

The full table of pecuniary interests can be found here.

The following external appointments have been made by the Board of Directors as follows:

Auditors:  Bishop Fleming, 16 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4NT

Bankers:  Lloyds Bank, 16 The Triangle, Clevedon, BS21 6NG

Lawyers:  Veale Wasborough Vizards, Narrow Quay House, Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA

Annual Accounts

At the end of our financial year on 31 August, our set our accounts is prepared and audited by our appointed accountants who for 2016/17 are Bishop Fleming.  These accounts are provided to the Department of Education and Companies House.  

The annual accounts report on Director Appointments and attendance of meetings during the last accounting period.

A copy of our audited accounts for the year ending 31 August 2017 can be found here For further information please contact our Business Manager Rachel Barfoot email:

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