Four Acres Governance

Four Acres Academy Governance

On February 1st 2015 Four Acres Primary School stopped being a Bristol City Council maintained school.  It is now an Academy under the umbrella of the Little Acorn Trust who are a Mulit Academy Trust.  Please see the web page listed above for details ot the Little Acorn Trust.

How Four Acres Academy is Run and Governed:

The Board of Directors of the Trust

The Board of Directors responsible for how the funding for the Academy is used.  It must ensure that funding is used lawfully, economically, efficiently and effectively to achieve value for money.  

The Executive Head Teacher (Robert Lane)

Robert Lane, the Executive Head Teacher for Four Acres Academy with responsiblity for Bristol City Council owned Four Acres and Bishopsworth Children's Centre, is also a Director of the Little Acorn Trust Mulit Academy Trust and is the Chief Executive of the Little Acorn Trust.

The Local Governing Body

There is a Local Governing Body which has been set up by the Directors for Four Acres Academy.  The Role of the Local Governorning Body is to develop areas of work, provide advice and information about the way their Academy is working and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.  There must be at least two elected parents on the Local Governing Body and at least one elected parent in each of the sub-committees. Advisors with specific areas of expertise are also invited to join the sub committees.   The parents elected to the Governing Body of Four Acres School before it became an Academy will continue to serve on the Local Governing Body until the end of their term of office, or they resign.   There are Terms of Reference for the Four Acres Academy structure and the Local Govenors attendance record for 2016/17 can be found here.

Elected parents for 2017/18:  Sabrina Bidgood-Gittings

Local Governing Committees

The Board of Directors has established a Board of Local Governors who meet as a whole once a year in term three and two sub-committees to develop areas of work and make recommendations as follows:  

Teaching and Learning 

To oversee and provide scruitiny and direction for standards, attainment and progress; attendance; curriculum; teaching staff; special needs and home learning.  This committee meets six times a year.

Chair: Pat Triggs (Chair of the Little Acorn Trust and Director for Education)   

Local Governors: Bianca Ramsden - advisor and employee of Merchant's Academy, Sabrina Bidgood-Gittings - Parent, Bryony Crocker - Elected Teacher

Vice Chair: Robert Lane  (Executive Head Teacher of Four Acres Academy)

Community and Wellbeing

To oversee and provide scruitiny and direction for Safeguarding, health and safety, behaviour, School Council, Parent Voice, family support in Four Acres Academy and Children's Centres, community engagement and PR and marketing.   This committee meets six times a year with a strategic planning and introduction meeting in term one.

Chair: Debra Bryant (Parent Director of the Little Acorn Trust and for Safeguarding in the Little Acorn Trust)  

Local Governors: Steve Lewis - Health and Safety Advisor,  Sabrina Bidgood Gittings - Parent,  Siobhan Walsh - Four Acres Childrens Centre and local resident, Karen Press - elected non-teaching member of staff, Kay Dixon- advisor, Academy Behaviour Manager and Parent Voice representative. 

Vice Chair: Rachel Barfoot (Academy Business Manager)


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